Election reforms

Hello friends as we are leargest democracy in the world Election are always most important event of our democracy.

Federal structure of Govts by the constitution of India that makes it Union of States So we have 28 states and 8 UTs including newly formed J&K and Ladakh and we have local boddys like Panchayat and municipal corporation etc.

Election held every 4 or 5 years because of that we always see elections are going one or two or more states or bypoll or reelection in every year in our country recently held in Delhi and Jharkhand.

As election is most important event of our democracy we need to keep its Standard higher and higher by improvement in system and process and policies/laws

Why we need a election reforms?

Role of Money

As we all seen political parties and candidate both spend lots of money in every election which increasing day by day

EC sat a limit of election spending but we often see candidate demand to increase it but parties not have such limit

money that used by parties for election come from donations by public and corporate in that use of black money often cash recovered by police during the Election. whomever be in Govt nature of political donation affect the policy and decisions of Govt.

criminalization of politics

Politics Associates With power. power of rule the people and come with lots of privileges which our system give every So as criminal and people who are involved in organize crime’s are also as they want to influence system and take advantage of weakness of our system as 13% convection rate of our judiciary. in in current parliament out of the 539, 233 MPs have criminal cases an increase of 44% since 2009
The figure is far more alarming when it comes to serious criminal cases. Around 159 winners of current (2019) parliament have declared serious criminal cases including cases related to rape, murder, attempt to murder.

Public Issues v/s Political Issues

in every election manifesto of political parties shows there policy and programs but often criticized by not addressing real and public issue public representative waste it’s time on political issues and statements often we see in parliament work disturb by different political parties for political issues.

GST in India

1st of July 2017 The Date which GST- Goods and service Tax implemented in India it replaced 17 different state and center Govts taxes with the slogun of “One Country One tax One Market ”

After that We seen lots of problems specially in the implementation of GST system that forced Govt to do lots of Updation and changes in GST system in return filling and E-Way Bill to online invoicing etc.

In the year 2005 Govt felt need of Tax reforms and decided to replace all states and Center and local tax with single Tax called GST. Aim was not only bring a single Tax system but also bring transparency efficiency, increase tax net, corving Inspector Raj, eliminate tax evasion and Corruption and Increase Ease of doing business

while I am writing this article I try to file my GSTR 9A and ones again GSTIN disappointed Me.

while GST is a milestone of Good governence inefficiencies of GST system which is big heardel between in the objective of Govt and bereaucracy that an other challenge for Govt and taxpayer’s

One of the major objective of Govt is to stop Corruption and tax evasion but As we seen it not possible by just applying E- way billing or online invoicing reatiler can generate two invoices of one transaction or not issue any invoice sale and purchase As I seen in practice it and whatever the goods are remain unbilled produce and transported by some one and clear sign of Corruption in the system

As we all Know even tax levied on different levels production distribution and retail altimate tax payer is End User or costumer which is not part of current tax system or GST.

Nov. 2018 I brought a new Car when I show the invoice total invoice value includes Rs. 88000/- GST but till now I do not know whether is reached to Govt or not should it not my right to know.

Is their any system where I can verify my invoice or updated picture of product that I or we buy without bill so that Govts can track producer of goods.

So it can say GST is far behind or it has long way to go to achieve it objectives.


After the independent we formed a multiparty Democratic System in our country Since we have Seen political crisis in Center and State’s currently it going on in M.P.

let see how our political system works after assembly election no one got clear mejority and Congress managed to form the Govts but after the split of party due to internal conflict a political crisis start

what we seen in past and in that case money power play major role that not good for our Democracy and people of India as their role are limited to cast vote in election.

Do we need a election reforms to reduce role money power criminalization of politics and Cost of election. we need understand that nature of political funding deside or affect policies of Govt. corruption in System level of transparency and efficiency

Let’s see the 70 seat Delhi assembly Election held recently each seat has 28 lakh limit of per candidate and party can do their exp. too it means contesting a election is a costly affair and how much of it comes from common man we don’t know. Company and corporate sector can also do political cherities where we need transparency but motive of funding by a company is clear and creates conflict of interest.